2015 issue of the Minnesota English Journal

  1. Elisa Malinovitz–Meyer Wolfshiem in The Great Gatsby
  2. Michael P. Cook and Jeffrey S.J. Kirchoff—Graphic Novels in the Classroom: Suggestions for Appropriate Multimodal Writing Projects in Graphic Novel Units
  3. Kristine Putz—The Kite Runner From A Marxist Perspective
  4. Taya Sazama—Theory in Practice in the High School Classroom: Using: The Kite Runner to Teach Literary Theory
  5. Jennifer Hiltner—Technology and Critical Thinking: Effects of 21st Century Tools on the 20thCentury Brain
  6. Jeanette Lukowski—My Not-Quite-Scientific Composition I Experiment
  7. Karla Knutson—The Ethnographic Research Paper: Helping First-Year Students Develop Authority and Rhetorical Understanding of Sources
  8. Heidi Burns—A Tale of an Introductory Literature Class Gone Well (with practical ideas for use in any literature-based class!)
  9. Dallas Crow—Five poems
  10. Susan Brooks—Information is Not Enough: Facilitating Reflection and Changing Beliefs
  11. Jongsun Wee—Minnesota Preservice Teachers Perceptions of LGBT-themed Children’s Literature
  12. Michael MacBride—Students teaching teachers to teach students
    1. Student 1—Kandi Heenan: Teaching the Giving Tree
    2. Student 2—Laura Cattrysse: Sendak’s In The Night Kitchen: Unusual History of Censorship
    3. Student 3—Jenny Thiel: Approaches to Teaching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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