Table of Contents for the 2016 MEJ

An alphabetical list (by author) of the contents of the 2016 Minnesota English Journal.

  • Birkett, Kelly–Five ways in which high-quality literacy instruction can increase student interest in our content areas–
  • Brandt, Melissa–Building Literacy in all classrooms–
  • Burns, Heidi–What is a civic-minded student and how can we foster this in our classrooms?–
  • Cook, Mike P., Morgan, Ryan, and Matthew Gremo–Implementing Tabletop Gaming in the English Classroom: Promoting Literacy through Interactive Gameplay–
  • Daly, Luke–Teaching Fiction: Craft, Composition Theory, and a Lie–
  • Daly, Luke–The Four Deaths of Mitchell Fish–
  • Kerekes, Mary Jo–Increasing Student Motivation in the Classroom–
  • MacBride, Michael–Infographic-making activity–
  • Rische, Adrienne–Making literacy teaching a priority in a culturally diverse classroom–
  • Simpson, Dr. Jennifer–The “Write” Track: Effectively Leading Your School to Incorporate Writing in Every Classroom–
  • Wee, Jongsun, and Barbara A. Lehman–Read Them Together: Paired Book Reading for Global Literature–


2015 issue of the Minnesota English Journal

  1. Elisa Malinovitz–Meyer Wolfshiem in The Great Gatsby
  2. Michael P. Cook and Jeffrey S.J. Kirchoff—Graphic Novels in the Classroom: Suggestions for Appropriate Multimodal Writing Projects in Graphic Novel Units
  3. Kristine Putz—The Kite Runner From A Marxist Perspective
  4. Taya Sazama—Theory in Practice in the High School Classroom: Using: The Kite Runner to Teach Literary Theory
  5. Jennifer Hiltner—Technology and Critical Thinking: Effects of 21st Century Tools on the 20thCentury Brain
  6. Jeanette Lukowski—My Not-Quite-Scientific Composition I Experiment
  7. Karla Knutson—The Ethnographic Research Paper: Helping First-Year Students Develop Authority and Rhetorical Understanding of Sources
  8. Heidi Burns—A Tale of an Introductory Literature Class Gone Well (with practical ideas for use in any literature-based class!)
  9. Dallas Crow—Five poems
  10. Susan Brooks—Information is Not Enough: Facilitating Reflection and Changing Beliefs
  11. Jongsun Wee—Minnesota Preservice Teachers Perceptions of LGBT-themed Children’s Literature
  12. Michael MacBride—Students teaching teachers to teach students
    1. Student 1—Kandi Heenan: Teaching the Giving Tree
    2. Student 2—Laura Cattrysse: Sendak’s In The Night Kitchen: Unusual History of Censorship
    3. Student 3—Jenny Thiel: Approaches to Teaching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory