About MEJ

We’re working to construct a history of the journal, so if you have any memories or thoughts please do comment or pass them on.  Bill Dyer has outlined the mission of the journal in its current incarnation here, but we’d also like to build this page to explore and recount the MEJ’s history.

1965–the first MEJ is published.
1967–expanded and a unique focus for each issue
1983–cash prizes for featured essays (short lived)
2004–published online in PDF format
2010–became more of a peer-reviewed journal
2014–online in WordPress format
2015–created Facebook and Twitter pages

List of editors:
Burke Scarbrough (2017-)
Scott Hall (2014-2017)
Michael MacBride (2014-2016)
Brian C. Lewis (2011-2013)
John Banschbach (2004-2009)
Bill Dyer (2004-2009)
Jake Oetting (2000-2001)
Gwen Griffin ()
Gayle Gaskill (1994-1995)
John Schifsky (1990-1992)
Nancy Lund (1990-1992)
Elmer Suderman ()

5 thoughts on “About MEJ

    • Thanks for your question, Heather. We are working on this. Issues of MEJ prior to our fully online presence have been housed in one place and then another as our web presence has evolved. We haven’t been able to recover and post those older issues so far. Check back later this spring, and I apologize for the gap in access.

  1. I’m trying to access an article from 2007 by Peter Henry called “The case against standardized testing” but the original link is now down and I didn’t save the PDF. Are older articles archived somewhere on the site?

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