(Download a .docx version of this survey here)

Below are various factors that make a successful classroom. Please rank them in the order of which you think is most important (1) to less important (12). On the back of the sheet, justify your order/explain your process. Then, create a graphic organizer that represents how each of these elements is linked.

  1. managing student behavior (i.e. reactive)
  2. personal relationships with students
  3. communication with parents
  4. experience in content area
  5. organization of classroom (physical appearance)
  6. following state standards
  7. following district standards (e.g. common assessments)
  8. communication with administrators
  9. collaboration with colleagues
  10. creating formative assessments [1]
  11. creating summative assessments [2]
  12. classroom procedures (e.g. handing in papers and bathroom passes, (i.e. proactive)
  1. ___________________________________
  2. ___________________________________
  3. ___________________________________
  4. ___________________________________
  5. ___________________________________
  6. ___________________________________
  7. ___________________________________
  8. ___________________________________
  9. ___________________________________
  10. ___________________________________
  11. ___________________________________
  12. ___________________________________

Explain your process:

Create a graphic organizer that links the ideas:

[1] A formative assessment is a procedure employed by teachers during the learning process (such as a “ticket out the door”) in order to modify teaching and learning activities to improve student attainment.

[2] A summative assessment is a formal, often final assessment of student success, such as a test or project. The focus is the outcome of student learning.

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